Mortascreen is the trusted market leader for fully verified deceased data management. Top UK consumer brands use Mortascreen to correctly and quickly identify deceased records in their customer databases.

Celebrating over 30 years in business, Mortascreen has long been the trusted data cleaning solution and market leader for deceased data management. We pride ourselves on the unrivalled quality of our product, highly experienced team, and outstanding customer service.

With over 1,500 deaths in the UK every day it's vital that marketing databases are kept up to date to ensure cost-effective campaigns and avoid the negative publicity that mailing a deceased database can create. Maintaining a clean database is essential for responsible businesses and maximising the effectiveness of your marketing. Without a reliable deceased data management strategy, organisations are at significant risk of:

  • Damage to brand reputation
  • Non-compliance with data regulations
  • Incorrect removal of spending customers
  • Contributing to environmental waste

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Mortascreen is the market leader for verified deceased data. Our unique offering gives organisations complete peace of mind with:

Fully verified and accurate deceased data Actual date of death for every record Actual date of birth - essential for accurate matching Up to 50k records added per month
Weekly data supply Data added at the earliest possible opportunity, often within 2 weeks of death Details for over 13 million deceased individuals Tailored licences and flexible pricing to meet your requirements


Why Mortascreen?

Deceased suppression you can trust

Mortascreen contains the details of over 13 million deceased individuals with up to 50,000 new records added each month. This provides coverage of up to 85% of all UK deaths, with fully verified deceased data including exclusive sources not available to any other company. Mortascreen guarantees thorough validation of your data by cross-referencing it with a reputable deceased suppression file.

Accurate and reliable deceased data

Mortascreen data is always fully verified from source. Our continued investment into the product allows us to work with the best verified deceased data sources and provide the broadest fields available such as actual, accurate date of death and birth. Our clients never risk over-suppression with assumed or unverified deceased data.

Mortascreen customer satisfaction

Mortascreen is used in billions of deceased data hygiene processes every year within the largest FTSE 100 organisations and beyond, in sectors such as utilities, mobile telecoms, retail, insurance, banking, airlines and travel operators. On average, we retain 99% of our licence holders at renewal.

Real-time access via API

Best-in-class cloud based JSON Rest API for seamlessly integrating our data with your systems, simple implementation and built for ease of scaling to meet the varying needs of our customers. 

Over 30 years of experience

Our highly experienced team have been providing a dedicated data support service for all clients for over thirty years and aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours. 

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