Halo Fraud Prevention

Deceased identity fraud is one of the most common types of identity theft. Halo is used in billions of searches each year by the leading credit reference agencies to help protect your organisation against false account activity.

With identity fraud one of the UK’s fastest growing crimes, Halo™ remains the preferred, proven, and trusted choice for all UK fraud prevention specialists and major credit reference agencies. Originally developed in conjunction with leading financial organisations and fraud specialists, Halo™ mortality data plays a vital role in deceased fraud prevention strategies for a wide variety of industries and organisations.

As the most widely relied upon deceased fraud prevention solution on the market, HaloTM enables organisations to determine if applications for credit, or payments for products and services are fraudulent.  

Halo addresses the business requirement for an effective and early deceased fraud alert and helps stop identity fraud in its tracks by verifying an applicant's details and deceased characteristics at the start of the process.

Halo helps business managers to make more informed decisions, promoting responsible lending and ongoing account management.




Why Halo?

Since 2004 more than 20 billion checks against the Halo™ deceased individuals dataset, by over 50,000 UK and international businesses; has resulted in multiple Halo™ ‘alerts’, identifying deceased fraudulent activity.

Halo™ plays a crucial part in a number of different compliance, due diligence and fraud prevention processes, including but not limited to:
  • Account opening and application processes
  • Ongoing account monitoring
  • Vetting and approval of credit applications
  • Compliance with anti-money laundering legislation
  • Know Your Customer processes
  • Electronic identity checks
  • Asset reunification
  • Police criminal investigations
  • FCA regulation compliance

13 million+ UK deceased records

HaloTM contains the details of over 13 million deceased individuals in the UK. It spans over two decades and includes full name and residential address information, actual date of death and date of birth where available.

UK deceased records updated weekly

Around 10,000 new notifications are added to HaloTM each week, with most of these deaths having taken place in the previous two weeks. This means that deceased fraud can be identified at the earliest possible stage assisting businesses and fraud prevention agencies.

Fully verified

Compiled from high quality, fully verified and exclusive sources including UK probate, funeral directors, financial institutions, registrars and a National consumer notification service. 

Real-time access via API

Best-in-class cloud based JSON Rest API for seamlessly integrating our data with your systems, simple implementation and built for ease of scaling to meet the varying needs of our customers. 

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